The best parquet for entrance hall

The first impression is the one that counts, that is why today we want to show you what is the best parquet for receivers.

Because, if there is a space that acts as the first contact and cover letter of our home, it is definitely the hall.

But do we give you the right attention?

In addition to providing it with adequate lighting and furniture, it is ideal to have a floor that meets certain characteristics.

And, you know, who better to talk to you about soils than Parquet Astorga,leaders of parquet and platform in Malaga.


So let’s open the door of the house and see what is the best parquet for receivers!



The halls are especially passing and busy areas, so their floors must have as their main characteristic to be resistant.

And, of course, attractive.



Because the halls are not usually very large spaces, with a light-toned floor we will achieve a greater sense of spaciousness.

With a floor in dark tones the opposite would happen: visually it would very dwarf the hall.



A safe bet is the Naturdec synthetic flooring : laminate flooring that offers comfort, design and functionality.

They have a wide variety of models and designs, classifying themselves according to their strength and durability: AC4 and AC5 (tested the latter of intense use), adapted to all decorative trends.

We highlight itsAquastyle range (synthetic platform treated for wet areas) and its Ticanrange, which is WPC (a hybrid between laminate and vinyl, offering you the best of both worlds), rigid, robust and that is not affected by water at all.

Your cleaning? Simply use a wet mop regularly.

Has it rained? Don’t worry, your floors won’t be intimidated by wet shoes, muddy dog legs or splashes of water, thanks to its water-repellent properties and easy cleaning.

And, of course, you can enjoy them throughout your house, as they combine with virtually any furniture, whether classic or tremendously modern.



Whether you’re opting for one or the other, don’t forget to place a quality doormat at the entrance of your home, which will help you curb dirt from outside.



Yours may be our nextproject. We are waiting for you at Salitre Street, no28 (Malaga).

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