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I’m sure we have the acoustic panel that suits your needs.

main features



With acoustic panels you can create more welcoming and healthy environments conditioning all kinds of space.


The composition of our fabrics, tested to offer the most convenient acoustic solution, ensure that they will improve sound quality and reduce reverb levels

within a room.


The details make the difference, there are endless design, materials and colors to make your stay unique.

easy maintenance

Our liners are easy to clean and preserve. Following our maintenance and cleaning tips can exits for many years.


Acoustic panels

Relieve, mitigate, make more bearable and attenuate noise so you can focus on your ideas or/and your rest.

Acoustic panels are designed for residential and commercial applications and for office or auditorium spaces, among others. Both at home and at work, it is essential to create a pleasant atmosphere with noise-free spaces.

Thanks to the acoustic properties of our fabrics, together with the other materials that make up our acoustic panels, we significantly reduce the noises coming in from the outside, creating a more pleasant atmosphere.

We work with the industry’s leading brand: vertisol

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