sports pavements

More than 25 years of experience in the installation and maintenance of sports floors.

main features

Natural finishes

Sports floors are usually made of natural wood although it is also usually made of PVC or rubber

High resistance

Our flooring offers excellent protection against scratches, stains and even surface dampness.


The installation of a sports pavement is usually quite simple, it can be installed on tracks, floating, with the click system or, on the pvc or rubber, glued.


They are water resistant.


The details make all the difference, our sports flooring has plenty of design options to make the floor of your home unique.

easy maintenance

Sports floors are easy to clean and preserve. Following our maintenance and cleaning tips can exits for many years.


sports pavements

At Parquet Astorga we have more than 25 years of experience in the installation and maintenance of sports floors.

Sports centres are places that need impact-resistant materials. Our solid pallets offer the necessary durability in this type of installation, are one of the most hygienic solutions and also offer a very warm and comfortable aesthetic.

Sports centres are places that require floors with materials that are very resistant to impact, that support large human traffic and that preserve well the conditions of safety and hygiene and, above all, that are flexible.

The material must withstand the impact and also cause adequate cushioning(elasticity)against the jumps of athletes and footballs.

It is also essential that the surface is perfectly continuous and the joints fullyuniform.

The surface layer of varnish is also essential to facilitate grip (proper friction) in the practice of all sports and to make cleaning and maintenance easy.

The best options in floors for sports centers (gyms, tracks, sports centers, etc.) are the solid flooring and PVC and rubberfloors.

We have a long experience in this type of facilities both publicly and privately, some examples are the facilities made for the Sports Pavilion of Torre del Mar, estepona, Valle Hermoso in Madrid, etc. Consult us without obligation.

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