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If you are looking for an antibacterial material for your soils in Malaga in Parquet Astorga we have the antibacterial vinyls, ideal for soils that need to keep bacteria away, indoor and outdoor use…

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Antibacterial vinyls

Under the  fitnice brand we work the antibacterial materials: the floor and wall coating. These vinyl materials are created from PVC-coated polyester yarns. Due to its composition, it is a phthalate-free and antimony-free product while preventing the proliferation of fungi and bacteria.

The design is part of fitnice’s DNA. Its wide palette of colors and tile shapes, in the case of the floor, allow the creation of infinite combinations, turning the floor into a canvas for architects and interior designers.

Fitnice is woven from bicolor monofilament yarn allowing the creation of a random harmonic effect playing with the incidence of light. In addition, the combination of colors between weft and warp, as well as the placement of the product allows to create a three-dimensional appearance, playing with the incision of light and creating really surprising effects with the color.



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