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With the latest trends in design, architecture and decoration, our marquetry floors are made of woods and natural stones.


The details make the difference. In marquetry we can choose from a wide range of designs and materials.


The placement of a marquetry floor should be carried out by specialized professionals.


Our marquetry floors are delicate, but following our maintenance and cleaning tips the pallets can last for many years.



The marquetry is a handcrafted technique applied in the design of wooden floors and furniture, consists of inlays of various materials, including metal, mother-of-pearl and different woods.

In Parquet Astorga we are specialists in this technique and we are the distributors for Andalusia of one of the most prestigious brands that are on the market such as Berti the Italian leading brand.

The floors designed with the marquetry technique brings prestige. The wood is alive, brings warmth and protects our home, and lately this technique is applied designs and new technologies that make your floor true works of art.

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