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main features

Natural finishes

With the latest trends in design, architecture and decoration, our laminate floors have a high level of realism, with the smallest detail.

High resistance

Our solid wood floors offer excellent protection against scratches, stains and even superficial dampness.


The placement of a synthetic flooring is simple, without the need to make works at home.


There are models with a special treatment that make them resistant to water, allowing their use in kitchens and bathrooms.


The details make the difference. Personaliza tu suelo con los accesorios que eligas.

Easy maintenance

Our synthetic pallets are easy to clean and preserve. Following our maintenance and cleaning advice, your floor can exist for many years.

The best synthetic pallet in Malaga

Synthetic wood floor(laminatedflooring)offer comfort, design and functionality.

There are a wide variety of models and designs, they are very resistant to scratch and daily use. Ideal for homes with children of play age and to enjoy a wooden pavement without great sacrifices.

The synthetic platform is classified according to strength and durability, from less to stronger: AC3, AC4 and AC5, the latter being the one indicated for intense and commercial use.

The installation of the synthetic platform is very simple, it goes by floating assembly on the current floor.

If you are looking for synthetic flooring in Malaga visit our exhibition in Parquet Astorga Málaga and / or Marbella and our team of professionals will attend you and advise you in everything you need.

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