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main features

Natural finishes

With the latest trends in design, architecture and decoration, our synthetic exterior pallets have a high level of realism, with the smallest detail.

High resistance

Our outdoor synthetic floor are designed for outdoor installation and exposure and require no maintenance.


The synthetic exterior platform is easy to install on existing flooring or on cement flooring.


This type of pallets resist very well in the open.


With the synthetic exterior platform we can choose between different colors and textures.

easy maintenance

Synthetic exterior pallets are maintenance-free. Following our advice will keep your pallet in perfect condition.


The best Outdoor Synthetic Floor in Malaga

We are specialist in Outdoor Synthetic Floor inMalaga, we have extensive experience in the installation of exterior pallets of both Wood and Synthetic.

The Outdoor Synthetic Floor is the perfect solution to decorate without the need for works, terraces, swimming pools, gardens, facades, etc. Numerous test and many years of experience, have shown us that they are the best works for outdoor surfaces, both wood and synthetic are very resistant to changes in temperatures and attacks of insects, fungi, etc.


The Outdoor Synthetic Floor (also called composite) is a relatively new product. The installation is similar to the wooden exterior flooring and the advantage is that they do not have any maintenance. The durability is very high and the performance is the same as that of an exterior wooden platform.

When it comes to choosing color or design, we have a much wider range than in wood, because in addition to the natural wood colors, the synthetic exterior platform can be found in different shades of gray, which are so fashionable.

If you are looking for outdoor flooring in Malaga in Parquet Astorga you will find the best brands of synthetic exterior flooring, they are products with a certified and guaranteed strength and durability.

Outdoor facade synthetic flooring

Exterior floorboards for facade cladding they always offer a very elegant and beautiful result… Sometimes they are also called ventilated facades, which form an air chamber that serves as an insulator for both cold and heat. Because the exterior floor ingessis is not only under your feet and is used on floors or pavements, but can also be used to decorate and insulate facades…

Not all materials are prepared to be used as an exterior cladding of facades, but they have to be characterized by outstanding strength and durability. Various wood or synthetic composite materials can build or renew walls and facades, being usually easy to install and maintain, and offering a unique aesthetic result.

The synthetic exterior floorboards,or coating made of composite wood and pvc, designed to cover facades and walls with finishes that simulate the wood, very elegant, warm and with a spectacular aesthetic result. The absence of maintenance is the most prominent advantage of synthetic exterior pallets for the cladding of facades.

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