Laminated flooring in Malaga

The laminate flooring in Malaga is synonymous with Parquet Astorga.




Because we put at your feet the best laminate flooring (synthetic flooring) in Malaga and the Costa delSol, floors that offer you comfort, design and functionality.

You will be able to choose from a wide variety of models anddesigns, all of them very resistant to scratches and daily use.
Do you have young children of play age? They are ideal for them, as well as for the enjoyment of the rest of the family.

In addition, the installation of the laminate flooring is verysimple, it goes by floating assembly on the current flooring.


Need more qualities and advantages?

Note, for example, Quick Step laminate flooring stands out for:


  • Easy maintenance

With these laminate flooring keeping your floor clean and beautiful is very simple. In addition, they are perfectly compatible with underfloor heating or cooling systems.

  • Solid sound for a pleasant environment

The core panels used in Quick-Step floors have been optimized for everyday use and, in combination with a subsurface layer, produce a solid and pleasant sound.


  • Permanently antistatic soils

These soils have an antistatic surface that makes you forget about annoying electrostatic discharges. This will bring your floor to considerably less dust than other floors.

  • Excellent impact resistance

These laminate flooring have several layers that give your floor the best possible protection against damage caused by falling objects, heels, etc.


  • No discoloration

Are you afraid to change the furniture because the floor has lost color?
Move them without fear! With Quick-Step laminate floors they retain their original tone year after year when exposed to normal levels of light (solar).


Fantastic, isn’t it?

Well, summate the laminate flooring of Naturdec and DisfloorTop, wide range among which you will surely find your perfectfloor.


You know, if you are looking for laminate pavements in Malaga do not hesitate to visitus.






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