Parquet for open-plan rooms

Looking for parquet for open-plan rooms? In recent years homes with this type of plant have become one of the most popular and sought after options, both in purchases and renovations.

Having an open-plan house, free of internal walls, to join rooms and create more spacious and light-filled spaces, as well as allowing its occupants to adopt a more open posture and prone to dialogue is an important choice in the style of many people’s lives.


Is this your case?


If so, you better to start on the floors of your home, current or future, and from here structure the rest, for an optimal result to fullyenjoy.


Facing a small kitchen and dining room?

What if you combine the two rooms, and you make the most of them?

With the righttype of flooring, the kitchen and dining room can communicate perfectly.

But even being independent rooms, it is advisable to opt for the same floor: it will provide a relaxing feeling of unity and make the house look larger.

On the other hand, imagine if you have guests at home. I’m sure you’ll be impressed.


Is it difficult to know what are the best floor ingentries for these spacious rooms?

In Parquet Astorga we love to helpyou, so here goes our recommendation:


· Use the same platform throughout your home.

· You need a versatile and durable floor, suitable for both living roomsand kitchens, a platform that has certain characteristics: waterproof, safe to use anddurable.


So what is the best option for open-plan rooms that meet these requirements?

If in doubt, the soils of synthetic flooring (laminated pavements), as they have a wide variety of styles, colors and formats that will adapt to our decorative style and preferences, as well as being able to be installed in all rooms in a very simple way (by floating mounting on the current floor).

In addition, we must forget its easy maintenance at the time of its cleaning.


Among these soils, which ones do we highlight? Quick-Step is a good choice.



Have you decided to tear down some walls or do you prefer more intimacy in your home? Do not hesitate to visit our exhibition in Parquet Astorga Málaga orMarbella, we are specialists in pallets in Malaga.






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