Not many years ago when someone was considering getting a pool, the only option I had was to put artificial stone on the edge and rest of the room or, failing that, mud or natural grass.

Today, there are several alternatives to these options. One of them can be natural wood such as IPE, Cumarú, Iroko or Teka,which is the most traditional and noble. This alternative, once installed, is treated with Teka oil. This treatment should be given every 6/8 months. If it occurs in this period, the platform will remain nourished and in perfect condition, without the need to sand it, it simply has to be cleaned. The most suitable widths are between 10/12 cm and the lengths come variable.

Chalet Sierra Blanca (Justo) - Sanding and oiling (April 15)

Another alternative would be synthetic pallets also called, technological or composite. Within which there are two options, hollow or solid. In this type it should be borne in mind that it is a brand with guarantee since there are many imitations and can give problems of dilation. These pallets are composed of woods and polymers (synthetic fibers such as PVC). The most prominent difference with natural wood is that they do not need maintenance of any kind and the lengths are fixed from 2ML.

Hotel Puente Romano - Exterior Floor Sintetica Timbertech (43)

With this type of floor you can get a more modern touch to your pool, since you can choose between white, gray, brown or even more daring colors like greens, blues, roses…

The mounting system of these exterior pallets is on track and can be set to the height that is needed, being able to combine it with artificial turf and have everything at the same height. In addition, they have some pieces of finisher (mamperlan) for the edges of the pools.

This type of pallets is also suitable for terraces,gardens and facades.

Hotel Puente Romano - External Floor Sintetica Timbertech (59)

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