Which type of wooden floor is for you?

Solid, laminate, synthetic wood floors, carpets, kitchen and bathroom tiles for use indoors, outdoors…

No matter what project, materials or expectations you have in mind, we strive to ensure the outcome can be summed up in just one word: impeccable. Access to the best raw material offers us a clear competitive advantage.

Imported exotic wood or innovative revolutionary materials given their performance and properties; we have the best ingredients to ensure your project bears the best fruit, with versatile and functional results.

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Synthetic Wood Floor

Synthetic wood flooring (laminate flooring) provide comfort, design and functionality.

In a wide range of models and designs, they offer excellent resistance to scratches and daily use. They are ideal for young children and perfect for enjoying wood flooring without having to make great sacrifices.

They are categorised depending on resistance and durability, from least to most resistant: AC3, AC4 and AC5, with the last recommended for intense, commercial use.

Installing wood flooring is very simple, it sits on a floating mount above the ground surface.

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Laminate Floor

Laminate wood flooring (multi-layer flooring) typically employs a natural wood base.

In most cases, the system is mounted on a floating mount above the ground surface, although it can also be installed directly onto the floor. There are countless advantages to this type of floor: warmth, welcoming environments, attractive and modern designs, strong performance regarding changes in temperature. Furthermore, it is quick and clean to install. It is suited to surfaces in which underfloor heating is installed and is very durable.

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Solid wood floor

Solid wood flooring is installed in planks which are 100% hardwood. The new approach to solid wood flooring involves shipping the factory-finished product, in other words, it is pre-varnished, oiled or equipped with the chosen finish. In this case, all four sides of the wood planks are grooved and they are installed using an adhesive to bind them together, or using clips in the case of Junckers floors. They can be installed on floating mounts or the floor itself, glued or nailed to battens. This type of floor is quicker and cleaner to install than traditional variants, as no final treatment needs to be applied.

If you would like to take a closer look at and even step on the different options available, why not visit our showroom?

Outdoor Wood Floor

Outdoor wood flooring is the perfect decorative solution for swimming pools, gardens, façades, etc. without having to embark upon works. Extensive tests and years of experience have demonstrated that the woods that are best suited to outdoor surfaces are tropical woods, in particular, ipe, cumaru and iroko. These woods are highly resistant to changes in temperature and insect, fungus infestations, etc.

These natural products, in addition to offering an excellent decorative touch to your environment, absorb less heat than traditional floors and are very simple to maintain.

Outdoor Synthetic Floor

Outdoor synthetic flooring (also known as composites) are a relatively new innovation. The method of installation is similar to outdoor wood flooring and the advantage is that they need no maintenance at all. They are highly durable and have the same features as outdoor wood flooring.

When choosing a colour or design, we offer a much wider range of options than those available with wood flooring, as in addition to natural wood colours, outdoor synthetic floors come in a range of different greys, which are currently very popular.