In recent years, the technological pallets for the outside have become very fashionable, they are the so-called composite pallets or simply outdoor synthetic floor.

Most of them have a porous surface, so to facilitate the cleaning of it, it is possible to apply an oleofugent treatment to these pallets.


The treatment is a liquid, composed of monoparticles that will protect the platform from greases/oils and other stains in general, thus facilitating its cleaning with a simple brush and water. It does not create film and also gives the platform a high resistance to continuous abrasion and gives it great durability.

It is very resistant to UV rays, and its application does not modify the appearance or color of the platform.

The application is simple, once installed the outer platform can be applied to brush or roller. Usually two hands are applied. Drying takes about 24 hours and gives off intense odor when applied.


Not all oleofugants are suitable, so special care must be taken when choosing it. Since not all are valid or have the same properties.

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