How to enjoy a wood floor without scratches?

Although these soils stand out for their greatresistance, sometimes it is irretrievable that everyday life and daily use end up passing them bill if we do not follow several simpleguidelines.

A wood floor without scratches,well maintained, has the ability to become the star of ourhome.

The warmth and elegance provided by the parquet or wooden flooring is unmatched, and its versatility to combine with different styles, textiles and finishes make it a fantastic choice for our floors .


How to get it?

As simple as taking a series of precautions that, together with propermaintenance, will keep our wooden floor in the best possible condition, minimizing the appearance of bumps and chafing.


Here are our recommendations for a wood floor without scratches:

  • Place a quality doormat at the entrance to your house and clean the soles of the shoes with vigor every time you enter, so you will avoid the gravel that sometimes accumulates in them, or the sand, in case you live near the beach.
  • Avoid the use of heels inside the house, since this type of footwear, if it has a damaged or directly absent lid, can cause blows only susceptible to repair by sanding.
  • Fit all furniture with felt under its legs, so if you need to move/drag them, you’ll minimize the risk of your floor suffering.
  • Try to use a vacuum cleaner and then a mop as an alternative to brooms and brushes.
  • Keep your dogs’ or cats’ nails well cut to avoid scratching as much as possible.
  • Make the sanding or slashing,as well as the varnishing, of your parquet or wooden flooring every 8 or 10 years, depending on the condition of the pavement, in order to keep the wooden floor without scratches and with the varnish bright as the first day. To do this, put yourself in the hands of experiencedprofessionals, such as Parquet Astorga, leaders of parquet inMalaga, so you can avoid defects or imperfections.

All the tips are easy to put into practice, right?


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