PVC kitchens floor

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main features

Natural finishes

With the latest trends in design, architecture and decoration, our PVC floors have a high level of realism, with the smallest detail.

High resistance

Our flooring offers excellent protection against scratches, stains and even surface dampness.


The assembly of a PVC floor in your kitchen is simple, without the need to make works at home.


They are water resistant floors, allowing their use in kitchens and bathrooms.


The details make all the difference, our pvc floors have endless design options to make the floor of your home unique.

easy maintenance

PVC floors are easy to clean and preserve. Following our maintenance and cleaning tips can exits for many years.

PVC kitchens floor

PVC floors kitchens are comfortable, elegant and very resistant floors. Due to the great range that we have in Parquet Astorga, we can create countless environments. Cooking is a place where there is life constantly; that’s why you need an easy-to-maintain and durable material. PVC kitchens flooring are a great choice, plus their composition prevents the growth of fungi and bacteria, which makes it great for kitchen floors. Today the PVC flooring kitchens have many designs and qualities and can adapt to your budget and the decoration needs of your home.

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