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main features

100% natural

With the latest trends in design, architecture and decoration, our solid wood floor are 100% natural.

High resistance

Our solid wood floors offer excellent protection against scratches, stains and even superficial dampness.


The assembly of a solid wood floor today is easier, without the need to make works at home.


Underfloor heating is an economical, luxurious and extraordinaryly elegant solution without visible pipes or radiators and with our solid wood floor is possible.

design your floor

Solid wood floors are normally finished at the factory, but there is an option to treat them once placed, thus customizing their finish.


Maintain daily: pass brush, vacuum cleaner or mop and periodically wet mop if you have stains.


the best hard wood floor in Malaga

The hardwood floor consists of boards whose composition is only hardwood. The new concept of solid wood flooring is the one that comes finished from the factory, that is, the surface of use is already varnished, oiled or with the skate chosen. In this case, the wooden boards come machine-wound on their 4 sides, they are installed glued together or in the case of the Junckers brand with clips, both can float on the slab, glued or nailed to tracks. The installation of this pavement is faster and cleaner than the traditional one, since you do not have to apply the final treatment.

If you need to see and tread the different possibilities that we can offer you do not miss visiting our showroom in Parquet Astorga Málaga or Marbella, we are specialist Solid Wood Flooring in Malaga, we have a wide variety in our sample book, all colors and designs, our specialists will advise you on what is the best floorboard for your home.

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